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  • According to the chart, the highest ratio is at , when there are viewers per live stream.
  • Currently, the number of concurrent viewers is than the average for this hour, which is .
  • The top 10 Chinese channels account for about 29% of the total Chinese viewing time for the week.
  • Use this chart to determine the best time to stream for Chinese Twitch audience.

Concurrent Viewers

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Top Chinese Channels

Channel Viewership
lolpacifictw 48045
relaxing234 9523
亞洲統神 6523
餐餐自由配 6447
momo_sports 5837
中信兄弟官方頻道 5353
老皮 5250
李芷婷 5110
楓棠1 3969
嬌兔 3692