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  • According to the chart, the highest ratio is at , when there are viewers per live stream.
  • Currently, the number of concurrent viewers is than the average for this hour, which is .
  • The top 10 Indonesian channels account for about 40% of the total Indonesian viewing time for the week.
  • Use this chart to determine the best time to stream for Indonesian Twitch audience.

Concurrent Viewers

Concurrent Channels

Top Live Indonesian Streams

Channel Live viewers
BigzzyX 76
Kisansss 46
mocimoly_ 22

Top Indonesian Channels

Channel Viewership
tamplekan 1360
anosenpaii 273
OneUpOrganizer 263
nubi_tv 255
Eruma7 198
sleepystudiostv 168
FFroody 161
ray4c 159
aissekiya89 145
KonaKuni 117