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  • According to the chart, the highest ratio is at , when there are viewers per live stream.
  • Currently, the number of concurrent viewers is than the average for this hour, which is .
  • The top 10 Indonesian channels account for about 31% of the total Indonesian viewing time for the week.
  • Use this chart to determine the best time to stream for Indonesian Twitch audience.

Concurrent Viewers

Concurrent Channels

Top Live Indonesian Streams

Channel Live viewers
RinRoJimiko 49
didldidldiemfdk4 11

Top Indonesian Channels

Channel Viewership
AlphaDigger 209
tamplekan 182
anosenpaii 160
Eruma7 125
dewi365live 125
KeinzoG 113
OneUpOrganizer 108
syeringan 93
danidjidat 92
bellkunx_ 84