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Dead by Daylight

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  • RANK 11235 Top 0.33% of Twitch
  • Seen live streaming now
  • Channel language  Spanish
  • Channel created 2012-09-26 00:46:30
  • Twitch partner
  • Mature content
  • Video resolution 540p
  • Twitch Page
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Games streamed 1.7
Unique views 2739
Followers 8
Duration 280

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Active days per week 2.2 / 7
Total games played 118
Usually starts stream at 6:160
Total Activity 317 of 1003 days

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Channel Description

Oie TU,mi panita,si lees esto ^^ te mando un FUERTE ABRAZO =D ,mis streams son super espont谩neos e incre铆blemente variados.Mi idea es pasar un rato super agradable,alegrarte el d铆a, sacarte unas risas y hacerte sentir bienvenido/a ^^ hacemos stream TODOS LOS D脥AS! PD:soy de Venezuela