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  • RANK 86580 Top 2.94% of Twitch
  • Seen live 2019-10-16 15:05:00
  • Channel language  German
  • Channel created 2013-12-29 15:11:36
  • Twitch partner
  • Mature content
  • Video resolution 720p
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Games streamed 1.1
Unique views 97
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Duration 354

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Active days per week 3.4 / 7
Total games played 53
Usually starts stream at 9:360
Total Activity 276 of 565 days

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I am from Austria and I used to be a chef and waiter, but now i work as a fulltime stuntman. Sounds strange? I know but thats the way it is :) i like playing RPG and Action-adventures as well as Strategy games. I'm a decent player i would say, but i suck at Shooters and other competitive games.