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  • RANK 4570 Top 0.15% of Twitch
  • Seen live 2019-11-18 02:45:00
  • Channel language  English
  • Channel created 2013-05-25 19:24:45
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  • Mature content
  • Video resolution 720p
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Games streamed 1.6
Unique views 1558
Followers 16
Duration 352

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Active days per week 5.1 / 7
Total games played 16
Usually starts stream at 18:50
Total Activity 800 of 1089 days

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Channel Description

Hi all~ I'm a high Diamond/Master mid main on EUW. I mained Katarina in Season 4 with almost 700 ranked games. I hit Master in S6 with champs like Aurelion Sol, Viktor and Ahri. I tend to play champs with strong carry potential and high burst damage. Come and join me on my journey to Challenger!